Plaza Venture Partners


The investment strategy of the Turnaround Baltic I venture capital fund that is managed by Plaza Venture Partners is based on the team members’ experience in the implementation of turnaround project management requiring special competencies. In order to achieve a higher than average return, the fund takes higher investment risk as compared with many other private equity and venture capital funds in the region. We usually invest in small and medium-sized Baltic enterprises which are in distressed situations or in enterprises having aggressive development strategies based on mergers and acquisitions.

 The fund Turnaround Baltic I is still open and all interested investors are welcome.

What we are looking for:

  • Enterprises established in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;
  • Manufacturing enterprises with export potential;
  • Niche companies with a considerable share of the domestic market;
  • Distressed situations (including restructuring and bankruptcy situations);
  • Aggressive development and market consolidation through acquisitions and mergers;
  • Turnaround management.

Investment criteria:

  • Sales revenue from 2 to 20 million of euros;
  • An enterprise has at least one of the following strengths: a) technology and know-how, b) loyal customers, c) high quality of products.
  • The fund (alone or together with partners) acquires a controlling share stake;
  • The Fund is an active investor which assembles the turnaround management team and participates in operational activities during the first and second years of investment;
  • The funding amount during the first two investment years is from 0,5 to 5 millions of euros;
  • Investment period: 2-6 years;
  • Different funding tools are applied depending on the situation: Direct equity investment, mezzanine loans, convertible bonds, etc.

Investment portfolio