Plaza Venture Partners


Plaza Venture Partners believes that the observation of principles of responsible investing can achieve higher and more sustainable values for businesses, investors, employees and customers. We implement the principles of environmental protection, social and corporate responsibility and strive to reach the established goals of our enterprise and in the companies we invest in:


Environmental impact objectives:

  • To strive to ensure that the lowest possible quantities of waste are generated during our production processes and all the waste are recycled
  • To implement mechanisms allowing the lower usage of non-renewable energy resources while enhancing the efficiency of organizations
  • To enhance the consciousness of employees in the field of environmental protection.


Social objectives:

  • To ensure safe work places, transparent and non-discriminatory labour relations and the observation of human rights
  • To refrain from investing in industries or products which are very harmful to society (tobacco, weapon manufacturing, etc.)
  • To implement the principles of environmental protection and social and corporate responsibility in employee motivation systems
  • To encourage a sense of community among employees, customers and investors, and to support public initiatives in areas of socially responsible investment.


Corporate objectives:

  • To constantly improve the transparency and business ethics in organizations we invest in.
  • To implement the principles of environmental protection, social and corporate responsibility in the investee companies as well as in investment decision making processes.
  • To ensure procedures for the elimination of the risk of conflict of interest.
  • To provide comprehensive, clear and accurate information to investors, including reports on implementation of the principles of responsible investment.


In order to implement the principles of responsible investment properly and in a timely manner, all business participants shall take part in this process; therefore, we provide opportunities for our investors and partners to submit their suggestions on the improvement of such principles and to monitor their implementation.

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