Plaza Venture Partners


We believe that the Baltic countries have a lot of interesting and promising business development which encounters obstacles that limit successful business growth. These can be financial troubles, difficulties in entering foreign markets, poorly chosen partners or management teams as well as many others. We understand most of these issues very well, so we know how to solve them immediately and effectively. When investing, we strive to ensure that business owners who understand the significance of changes become our partners and can develop a new future for their enterprises together with us.

We are also aware that foreign investors are often afraid to acquire Baltic enterprises not only because of the fact that they are small-sized companies, but also because of differences in the business culture, implementation of innovations and management of information. Close cooperation with partners and investors from the Nordic countries has enabled us to gain knowledge how to reduce the risk of strategic investors who look for investment opportunities and effective solutions in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Our goal is to assess the needs of strategic investors and to implement high-return investment projects by accepting risk which we are able to manage. 

 With a lot of examples of successful partnership, we strive to ensure that strategic partners become involved in an investment project as early as possible, irrespective of its obligations. For more information on this, read the chapter Partnership

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